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Our website support is pretty straight forward:

How this works is simple. We have an hourly rate of $150 that you can purchase up front. One of our three website maintenance plans will cover what you need.

Pay As You Go

When you need help, you'll make a support request. Then we'll reply with the time it will take to get it done. After each task is complete, we'll update your credit total and inform you of your remaining balance.

The cost for support credit is $150 per hour and credits last for 12 months from the date of purchase. Time is deducted in increments of 15 minutes.  We recommend starting out with a minimum purchase of 3 hours ($450).

2 Hour Plan

Purchase this 2 hour regular maintenance plan to set it and forget it. We'll make sure updates are happening regularly and things are running smooth.


Billed quarterly
or $259 month-to-month.

5 Hour Plan

If you have multiple websites, or one large website with lots of moving parts, you'll do well with our 5 hour plan. Once we take a look behind the scenes of your site we'll know where you fit.


Billed quarterly
or $649 month-to-month.

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About this agency, Schall Creative

Schall Creative is an inbound marketing and growth-driven design agency. What does that mean? We create beautiful high performance websites and online marketing campaigns that help organizations grow.

We are a certified HubSpot agency partner and leaders of the HubSpot User Group in Manchester, NH. Our mission is to make the web more beautiful and easy to use. Achieving success for our clients just comes with the territory.